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Well here's more about me & what I'm about.......

Well like I said earlier I'm a 28 year old mother of two and enjoying being married.I'll soon be learning how to tattoo from the master himself,my husband.Yes I married my tattoo artist.I've already mastered body piercing and feel the need to further my education in that area of art.I've got 7 tattoos so far.Each and everyone of them means something in my life except for the ones on my back, which is a scene of fairies.It's a work in progress.Between keeping a house in running order,raising kids,keeping my hubby happy,and learning a new form of expressing art, we love to go camping.

Since the time I was born in April of 1976 I have been raised and have grow up in the same town.I moved out of the city twice to the country & mountains but something just keeps bringing me back here.It's cool thou.Now my kids will be able to grow and experience my world through their own triumphs & turbulations with their own eyes.

Some of my favorite things to do besides camping,body piercing,learning to tattoo and spending time with my family are listening  to music,dancing,playing games,vegging in front of the tv,and swimming.Surprisingly enough I do find time to cross stich.

Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:
Meg Ryan in City of Angels
Julia Roberts in any movie
Sandra Bullock in Hope Floats & Practicle Magic

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:
I will listen to just about anything and I mean anything.I know songs from Barney & Big Bird,LOL@me.Oh well, you never know when useless kowledge will come in hand.